Fashion: Street wear’s classic adaptation

Man has the weather been getting hot lately. It is crazy to think that summer is about to pass us by real soon. Fall Fashion is filling up the shelves of clothing stores everywhere and preparing for that infamous Seattle weather. Thinking about the rain and gloomy nights is such a downer. One thing is for sure, you can do a lot more with fall fashion. From layering on scarves, jackets, and collared shirts over v-neck sweaters and so on. Maybe I’m getting a little too carried away with the description but you get the picture. I’m just excited for fall fashion.

I’m curious to see the fall line as I’ve noticed a huge shift and attention to detail street wear style has now. Most street wear clothing brands adapted to the more tailored cut style as well as the use of repetitive patterns. (Speaking of repetitive patterns, I’ve never seen men wear so many patterns in my life.)  From chambray buttoned ups to clean cuffed jeans, the look is refreshing. Nonetheless it’s a style that I’ve grown to love because it’s classy with a little bit of personality.

Photo credit: Street Etiquette